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About the Shekgalagadi language

Kgalagadi, also known as Kgalagarhi, Kgalagari, Khalagari, Khalakadi, Kxhalaxadi, Qhalaxari, Sekgalagadi, Shekgalagadi or Shekgalagari, is a language of Botswana.

It has over 65,400 users in Ghanzi district: Charles Hill, Dekar, Ghanzi, Grootlaagte, Kanagas, Karakobis, Kuke, Kule, Ncojane, New Xade, and Tsotsha; Kgalagadi district: north; Kweneng district: west; Southern district; North West district: Maun and Sehitwa.

Dialects include; Ngologa, Shaga, Kgalagadi (Kgalagari), Balaongwe (Boloongwe), Shelala, Pedi, Phaleng, Kenyi (Khena), Kgwatheng, Tjhauba, Khakhae, Koma, Rhiti, Siwane (Gyegwana). Ngologa is the largest dialect and may be a separate language. Different from Tswana

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